SENDING THE WOLFE Now Available on iTunes, Google Play, and more!

STW iTunes.jpg

Great news, friends: SENDING THE WOLFE is now available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher! Click your preferred streaming service to head over to the STW page to subscribe. And while you're there, please give the show a rating and a review! This helps other movie lovers like yourself discover the show, too and it makes a big difference.

The premiere episode of SENDING THE WOLFE features Samm Levine (FREAKS AND GEEKS, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS) discussing one of his favorite movies, Francis Ford Coppola's classic THE GODFATHER. If you're looking for more from Samm, don't miss the Patreon exclusive mini-episode that goes live on Thursday, November 30 and is available to $5+ monthly subscribers.

New episodes of SENDING THE WOLFE hit the web every Tuesday. Next week, a deep dive into Alfred Hitchcock's controversial classic VERTIGO with SHOCK WAVES co-host Rebekah McKendry. Don't miss it!

Clarke Wolfe