Episode 3: THE TERMINATOR with Marc Bernardin

This week on SENDING THE WOLFE, I am thrilled and pleased to welcomes CASTLE ROCK scribe and FATMAN ON BATMAN co-host Marc Bernardin! Enjoy as we explore what happens when acclaim meets iconic in James Cameron's 1984 pop culture classic THE TERMINATOR. For a little exploitation movie that launched several of the biggest careers in Hollywood, it's kind of incredible at how profound and fortuitous this movie turned out to be, don't you think? 

And, as always, don't forget the mini-episode that lands exclusively on Patreon this Thursday for $5+ subscribers. THE TERMINATOR franchise is often credited as showcasing one of the most exciting and badass female characters in movie history, the mother of the revolution Sarah Connor, portrayed by Linda Hamilton. But does Sarah become a hero because of or in spite of her femininity? 

Thanks so much for listening. Enjoy the show!

xx, Clarke


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