Episode 2: Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO with Rebekah McKendry

Oh hai, internet!

While I know that we're only two conversations deep, today's episode of SENDING THE WOLFE might be one of my favorites for a long time to come... But first, some thank-yous.

I have been overwhelmed at how positive the response to this podcast has been so far. While I knew that I was proud of how the first batch of recordings turned out, you can never know how things will be received until they're released into the void that is the internet. We make the joke all the time but it really is true: there is SO much content available, it's hard to not feel like a small drop in a very big ocean of people yelling about movies. But you all have listened, downloaded, rated, reviewed, and subscribed across iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and this website right here while engaging in thoughtful dialogue and offering some great feedback. You've also contributed to the Patreon campaign for which, once again, I cannot thank you enough. Speaking of, yesterday saw the release of the first monthly video newsletter available to $1+ patrons. Curious which guests and movies are coming up? That information plus other goings on for the month of December were revealed. Head on over there to check it all out! I am really excited to be doing this and am so grateful that you are here with me.

Now, today's episode welcomes writer, director, SHOCK WAVES co-host, former Editor-In-Chief of Blumhouse.com, Fangoria alumni, and cinema scholar Rebekah McKendry. In addition to all of the above, Rebekah recently earned her PhD in Film and Television Studies with a focus on horror, so perhaps you could imagine my slight surprise when she selected for her episode Alfred Hitchcock's controversial classic VERTIGO. Our conversation was recorded months ago but it's pretty incredible how topical this dialogue feels. Better yet, when was the last time you can remember two women with cinematic academic backgrounds leveling, I would argue, reasonable criticism at a movie that is regarded and universally accepted as a classic, not to mention being named one of the top 100 greatest American films of all time? I promise you this, we didn't set out to be incendiary and I believe always remained respectful, but (SPOILER ALERT!) we both revealed pretty early that upon a rewatch, we don't care for this movie. That doesn't mean we can't and don't appreciate it -- we do, and when you listen to the episode, that's very clear -- but we also weren't afraid to add our analysis to the mix and heap most of our praise on the complex performance of the often under appreciated Kim Novak. 

Not only is this episode of SENDING THE WOLFE one of my favorites, the mini-episode which hits Patreon for $5+ subscribers on Thursday is super fun, too. You didn't think you'd get two horror lovin' gals in the same room talking "thrills and chills" and not get some straight up nerdy genre talk, did you? From Hitch, to John Carpenter, to James Wan, the gory gang's all here. You're not going to want to miss it!

xx, Clarke.


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