Episode 8: BEETLEJUICE with Dani Fernandez


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BEETLEJUICE is, as far as I am concerned, a classic. Growing up at just the right time, Tim Burton's fantastical dark comedy was the perfect gateway for scared little kids like me to indulge their darker movie going sensibilities. Featuring iconic set pieces and Michael Keaton in one of his most memorable roles, BEETLEJUICE is the perfect combination of creativity, cast, and comedy.

This week I welcomed comedian and host Dani Fernandez to discuss horror-comedy, growing up scared, and another Burton classic or two. If you liked this episode and are interested in supporting SENDING THE WOLFE, please feel free to subscribe on your podcast app of choice, rate and review the show, and if you can, contribute to the Patreon campaign!

Now, without further adieu, it's showtime!

xx, Clarke.


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