Episode 10: THE WIZARD OF OZ with Brea Grant


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Welcome to a very special episode of SENDING THE WOLFE!

Let me clarify: not "a very special episode" in the 80's after school special sense where we teach you not to talk to strangers (although, judging by what we all see on the internet every day, it may be wise to never talk to strangers or to leave your house at this point...) No, this is a very special episode because of what it represents.

My guest is actress, director and writer Brea Grant, and when it comes to ladies I admire, she is second probably only to THIS IS US matriarch and woman I want to be my best friend/ sister/ mom Mandy Moore at this point. Brea selected probably the movie that is most responsible for the ridiculous human being I turned out to be: Victor Fleming's classic THE WIZARD OF OZ.

When Brea picked this movie, she couldn't have known that this was the one that started it all for me. Or rather, solidified all of my most natural impulses (see: wearing blue dresses and red shoes, high energy singing and dancing, making friends with lovable weirdoes). And what ensued was a conversation about the industry that Brea and I work in, what it's like to believe in movie magic, to have a dream and not let cynicism kill those dreams, to embrace laughter and being LOUD and over the top.

As a result, Brea and I have started the Delusional Ladies Club. As one of the co-founding members, I feel like I am in very good company.

I hope you enjoy today's episode. Thursday's mini will be an "AMA" episode, where I answer your questions submitted in Patreon. That episode and all of the STW-mini episodes are available to $5+ monthly contributors.

Until then, I'll see you over the rainbow!

xx, Clarke.


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